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Econometrics at the University of Illinois

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The Econometrics Hall of Fame L-Z A-K

Welcome to the University of Illinois Econometrics Hall of Fame. We hope you enjoy your tour. In lieu of a small donation, we hope that you will sign our guest book which we will install as soon as we learn more about html. We welcome nominations for new members, but we insist nominees should be:

Important contributors to both Economics and Statistics

Nominations or any other suggestions are most welcome and may be addressed to:

Since envy is a deadly sin, we feel it only prudent to withhold fame from the living. It is also desirable that a somewhat reliable portrait be available, preferably in some standard bitmap format. The next 22 members of the Hall of Fame are:

Joseph Louis Lagrange

Pierre Simon Laplace

Paul Levy

A.M. Liapunov

P.C. Mahalanobis

A.A. Markov

Wesley Claire Mitchell

Florence Nightengale

Vilfredo Pareto





L.J. Savage

Henry Schultz

Eugene Slutsky

Henri Theil

Jan Tinbergen

John von Neumann

Abraham Wald

Norbert Wiener

Jacob Wolfowitz


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