Econometric Theory
Econ 574 - Spring 2017
Roger Koenker
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The field sequence 574-5 in econometrics is designed to give students a working knowledge of a broad array of current topics in econometric theory and prepare them for empirical applications near the research frontier. In the first course, 574, we intend to focus the first half of the course on asymptotic methods and the study of the large-sample behavior of econometric procedures supplemented by an introduction to monte carlo methods. The second half of the course will be devoted to recent developments in semi-parametric methods in econometrics. 

1. Class meets Tues-Thurs 12:30 -- 1:50 in 219 DKH.
2. The Just in Time Questions (JITS) for class are available from here. The first four questions are intended for January 19.    
3. The Final Exam is now available by clicking the link in the left margin.