History 328

History of the Soviet Union since 1917

October 2, 2002

The Five-Year Plan in Industry

"Consumption is the sole purpose and end of production." - Adam Smith

Construction of Magnitogorsk, 1929-30 (photograph by Georgii Petrusov)
Construction of Magnitogorsk, 1932 (photograph by Anatolii Skurikhin)

I. Conceptualizing industrialization

A. Industrialization as path to modernization

B. Industrialization requires investment

C. Soviet industrialization debates: where to get the capital?

1. Trotsky and Preobrazhensky

2. Bukharin

II. Planning and the Command-Administrative System

A. Central planning as a method

B. Competing schools of planning

1. "balance" method

2. "teleological" method

C. Maximum vs minimum plans

1. assumptions underlying maximum plan

2. reasons for choosing maximum plan

D. The Plan in figures

III. Results

A. Growth of economic indices

B. Disappearance of "plan" (in figures)

C. Consequences of "bacchanalian planning"

Baltic-White Sea Canal (July 1996)

(photo by Diane Koenker- all rights reserved)

Music: "March of the Happy-Go-Lucky Guys," Mass Culture in Soviet Russia, edited by James von Geldern and Richard Stites

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