Emma Koenker's Home Page

Emma Nadia Koenker
May 29, 1981 - August 16, 1995

Emma lost her battle with her brain tumor on August 16, 1995, and a memorial service was held for her on August 27, 1995. As she was fighting, she and her sister Hannah constructed this home page. We intend to maintain this page as a memorial to Emma and we invite readers to send us their memories of her. Some memories are collected in the following page.

My name is Emma Koenker. I'm 14, and I go to Uni High in Urbana, Illinois. I just finished my freshman year there. I like to read, cook and travel.

Here is a picture of me last March, when I still had some hair. People say among the most beautiful things about me are my eyes. People also admire my sister's photography. This is a combination of both because each one brings out the other so well. If you think that I look a little more like a chipmunk than the last time you saw me, you can click here for a dumb explanation written by my Dad.

This is also a good place for finding information on brain tumors and children's hospitals because I myself have a malignant brain tumor, so info on that kind of stuff can be found around here. Yes, I will be dying, and soon. Please direct any questions to me (Emma), my Dad, my Mom, or my sister Hannah.
Click here for an essay on October 4th last year that I wrote for school about my tumor. Click here for medical links. Click here for an update on my medical condition.

I have spent a lot of time finding recipes on the Internet. Here are links to archives. I also have a lot of chocolate recipes.

Here is my Dalmatian, Finnegan. He's 5 years old.

Dog-related Web Sites
Dalmation Homepage.
There are some other pictures here.

I also like humorous things. I really like to watch:
  • Lois & Clark.
  • ER.
  • Friends.
  • Movies.

    I found these pages using the Ultimate TV List.
    I like music too. I just got a whole bunch of CD's. There's this place that has a list of homepages for almost every band.

    If you enjoyed this homepage and would like to know more about making your own, my sister Hannah has complied a brief list of pages that will help you create your own homepage. If you have any questions , feel free to email her.