Applied Econometrics 
Econ 508 - Fall 2014

Professor: Roger Koenker 

TA: Nicolas Bottan 

Announcement for ECON 508 FALL 2014

Problem set 4 is due on November 10th.

Problem set 3 is due on October 20.

The Midterm will be on Wednesday, October 15th. Review questions are available HERE.

Problem Set 2 is due on September 24.

Problem Set 1 is due on September 3.

The second JITTS is posted!

The first JITTS is posted!

Registration for 508 for Fall 2014 is currently blocked because enrollment has reached the room capacity constraint. Don't despair, if you really want to take the course just come to class for a week or two, once students realize that quite a lot of work is required many will decide to drop and we can settle into some reasonable equilibrium. 

Announcement for ECON 508 FALL 2013

Aug 29, 2013 HW 1 is due on Sep 9th (Monday) in class. We will have presentation for HW1 on Sep 9th and question assignment will be posted shortly.

Sep 13, 2013 HW 2 is posted and will be due on Sep 25th (Wednesday).

Oct 4, 2013 Midterm is tentatively planned on Oct 30 (Wednesday) in class and will cover the material Lecture 1-15.

Oct 7, 2013 HW 3 is posted on the class webpage and will be due on Oct 23 (Wednesday) in class.

Oct 18, 2013 TA session on 25th (Friday) Oct is cancelled, instead, I will have office hour at 7 DKH on 28th (Monday) Oct at 6-8pm.

Nov 6, 2013 HW 4 is due 20th Nov (Wednesday).

Dec 9, 2013 HW 5 is due 16th Dec (Monday).